Where is Swan Creek candles located?

Where is Swan Creek candles located?

Northwest Ohio
Swan Creek Candle is a division of Ambrosia, Inc., an Ohio corporation that has been selling wholesale to the gift industry since 1978. It is owned and operated by members of the founding family, and located in a 30,000 square foot factory in Northwest Ohio.

Where are Goose Creek candles manufactured?

the USA
Our candles are proudly made in the USA by people you can trust with ingredients you can trust! You can feel safe using our products. Our products are produced in safe, comfortable work enviroments.

Are Goose Creek candles made of paraffin wax?

At Goose Creek, we make most of our candles with premium-quality paraffin wax blends. This is one of the best candle waxes out there because it burns clean and creates a wonderful base for all the delightful oils and botanicals that can be added to the wax to create unique scents.

Are Goose Creek candles clean burning?

All of the candles produced by Goose Creek Candle are clean burning. None of them give off excess smoke or soot and they’re all made without the use of dangerous chemicals. Each of our candles is also made with lead-free, 100-percent cotton wicks.

Why is Swan Creek Candle closed?

Retail Operations Manager Joseph Polito said the decision to close the Jackson location came because Swan Creek Candle officials opted not to extend their lease which was set to expire. The parcel is owned by RPM Holdings LLC, a company run by Robert Smith. “We appreciate the community support,” Polito said.

Are Swan Creek candles safe?

Swan Creek only uses American soybean wax to ensure the exceptional quality of their candles. This ensures their candles are non-toxic and clean-burning.

Who is the owner of Goose Creek candles?

Chuck Meece
Goose Creek is owned and operated by the Liberty-based Meece family: Chuck Meece, founder and owner; his wife, Tamara Meece, executive vice president; and their children, sons Micah and Jordan, who are both brand executives; and daughter Madison, the social media assistant.

Who owns Goose Creek Candle?

Meece family

Who makes Goose Creek?

The Meece family, (from left) Chuck, Micah, Jordan, Tamara and Madison, own and operate Goose Creek Candle Company. The company’s beginning was a humble one. The Casey County High School sweethearts started it in their kitchen in 1998.

Who owns Goose Creek?

What were old candles made of?

Candles were primarily made from tallow and beeswax in ancient times, but have been made from spermaceti (from sperm whales), purified animal fats (stearin), and paraffin wax in recent centuries.

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