Why does Alton Brown not recommend basting the turkey?

Why does Alton Brown not recommend basting the turkey?

Do Not Baste. Basting the skin is not necessary to flavor the meat. You’ll flavor the skin, but you’ll also let heat out of the oven each time you open it to baste. “That means the bird is going to be in there for a longer time cooking, which means it’s going to dry out more,” Brown says.

How long does it take to cook a turkey Alton Brown?

Good Eats Roast Turkey

  1. ACTIVE TIME: 15 minutes.
  2. TOTAL TIME: 9 hours & 45 minutes.
  3. Yield: 10 to 12 servings.

What is the secret to a moist turkey?

Classic Bread Stuffing Recipe

  1. Choose a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one.
  2. Roast two small turkeys rather than one large one.
  3. Brine the turkey.
  4. Rub soft butter under the skin.
  5. Truss loosely, or not at all.
  6. Roast the turkey upside down at first.
  7. Don’t overcook it.
  8. Let the turkey rest before carving.

What do you put on a turkey to make it brown?

Once you’ve carefully dried off the skin, the next step you can take to guarantee perfectly crispy turkey skin is to rub it with a fat, like butter or oil. Oil will yield a crispier skin than butter because butter is at least 20 percent water, while oil contains no water.

How do you base a turkey?

To baste a turkey, take it out of the oven and peel back the foil that’s covering it. Then, use a spoon, cup, or bulb baster to pour your basting liquid over the turkey. You can use all kinds of liquids for basting, like stock, wine, beer, gravy, and juice.

Should you cover your turkey while cooking?

To achieve that balance, the ideal is to let the bird spend time both covered and uncovered: We recommend covering your bird for most of the cooking time to prevent it from drying out, then removing the cover for the last 30 minutes or so to allow the skin to crisp.

What do I do if my turkey isn’t Browning?

It’s not browning enough. Raise the oven temperature. Alternatively, mix 2 to 3 tablespoons honey or molasses with 1 to 2 tablespoons melted butter; season with salt and pepper. Brush the turkey with the glaze–the sweet stuff and butter solids will accelerate browning.